Here's a bit more from Super Robot Monkey..This was an episode called Lords of Soturix 7.I kind of liked the bone armor fashion idea these kids sported.



I'm on a role! Here's a rough piece I did for a Jesus concept show.I like how rough and scratchy it is.That was intentional..I swear.



I haven't posted in ages...Here are some ruff character designs I did for a show called Super Robot Monkey Team Hyper Force Go!(whew).I was THE one and only character designer for the first 24 episodes. The shows creator is Ciro Nieli...who probably could have designed the whole thing himself(he's awesome)..but for some reason he let me go and do my own thing for the most part. It was a blast! and it's a great show! The 12 people who saw it will tell you.These few desings are from the 1st episode.Unfortunately these r scans from faxes but I'll be posting some more soon and those are from originals.