YAY!My 2nd greeting card just came back from the printers.The character's name is CHEW.He's a bit emotional as you can tell from the solitaire tear from his eye.HA! But just like Q-chan..he's part of the new world I've been developing.More fun stuff will be on it's way soon but in the meantime you can buy some awesome cards.They're available on their own or you can get it bundled with card #1 in a pack of 10(5 of each type).Just click on one of the buy now buttons to the right.Hope you guys like it.

Bob Logan's Rocket Town!

My friend Bob Logan made an awesome book! Please check it out..it's the perfect gift for the holidays!Available at his site:


GREETING CARDS(not just for New Years!)

Special Thanks to all that have bought the 1st greeting card. If you haven't yet you can now buy them right here on this blog!!! Just look over there in the right corner and you will see the BUY NOW buttons. I encourage all to buy, of course...and of course please buy the 10 card set(cause you have so many friends to send to!) I also wanted to clarify my crappy marketing in the last post....this card is NOT specifically for New Years(you can send it all year!) so please don't think you're out of time..You have many months to enjoy with your new card friends..



It's finally happening. Q POP(my company with Miki) is just about ready to launch! The website should be finished in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, we've already begun to sell some Chinese New Year's cards for the Year of the Rat 2008.You can use these cards for regular New Year too..AND you can also use them afterward too. "Gung Hei Fat Choi" means "Congratulations and be prosperous" so you can send them out whenever you feel like spreading the warm fuzzies! That's our company mascot, Q (Q-chan for our japanese friends)giving some Emmentaler to his furry friend. The card is nicely offset printed and comes with a plain white envelope. It's blank inside so you can write whatever you want. Please get some and support your old peeps(me).. We put a set of 5 and 10 up on ebay right now(search "q pop card"). You can also just message me if you are interested in some.Free Delivery in LA..haha. Even if you don't usually send cards out, these are worth a go.. non?