Sweet Streets 2 Show at Nucleus Gallery...still time..GO!!

A very good friend of mine Sebastian Hiroshi of 6% DokiDoki fame was doing a fashion show in the new Sweet Streets Show at Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra...and the curator Caro was nice enough to ask me to do a painting for the show. This actually was the 3rd opportunity for me to be in a Nucleus show but for some reason(mostly my laziness) it just never happened before. This time I completed a small painting and was in process of finishing a bigger one but just couldnt manage it on time...just not enough hours in the day to do everything...But I AM finishing it up anyway..and will post it soon to get some feedback from all you guys. In the meantime...here's a look at my piece in the show. It's all real paint..no digital..which I don't do that often. It looks even better in person so if you can make it to the gallery..please check it out. Plus there are some other amazing works there.I think it's still going on for another 14 days so you got time.