Olympic gymnastics chicks are buff



These were designs I did for a film a while back. A different incarnation of that film is coming out in a month or so.. It's interesting to take a look at these in context of what the final film came out looking.

These were actually supposed to be pages of notes from the main characters journal. I also designed an opening title sequence, that would intro the monsters through these journal pages. I liked how these came out, but that version of the film was canned. AA well..


Well...I'm sure all guessed that the film was Hotel Transylvania. I worked on a previous version ( actually 2 previous versions!!!) with another director. After working on that version for over a year, I left Sony. Ironically, that's when Genddy came in to direct the version that was realized. I'm sure I would have been WAY more suited to that version, having worked with Genddy for many years....and it was a much more comedic approach than the first version I had worked on.


Q- Chan!!!

In the World of Q, there also lives......Q-chan. Q-chan is a forest sprite that lives in the Strawberry Forest. He has a friend named Dr. Worm too, who is the resident therapist in Q.

This is Q-chan's cousin...Pew-chan....with Dr. Worm!!

These are some early concepts I did....

More Ero-G

Ero-G lives in the Mushroom Grove in the World of Q. He loves girly underpants.


Tokusatsu show and .....prints!!

Some of you may know already...but mark your calendars for Sept. 15, 2012...We're having a HUGE show with over 100 incredible artists...celebrating Tokusatsu!!..
Tokusatsu (特撮?) is a Japanese term that applies to any live-action film or television drama that usually features superheroes and makes considerable use of special effects (tokusatsuliterally translates as "special filming" in Japanese).
This includes your favorite giant lizard monster and even Power Rangers! ( although we already had a Power Rangers show last Nov)!!

One of my personal favorite shows growing up was Ultraman!!
Which brings me to my latest project...I've started to do paintings of all characters from the original Ultraman series. This is a major undertaking so we'll see how far I get..

I've already completed 5. Which is basically the first 4 episodes. I'm already working on the sixth and seventh in preperation for the Tokusatsu show.
All of them are available as 13x19  archival prints @ Q Pop.