These were designs I did for a film a while back. A different incarnation of that film is coming out in a month or so.. It's interesting to take a look at these in context of what the final film came out looking.

These were actually supposed to be pages of notes from the main characters journal. I also designed an opening title sequence, that would intro the monsters through these journal pages. I liked how these came out, but that version of the film was canned. AA well..


Well...I'm sure all guessed that the film was Hotel Transylvania. I worked on a previous version ( actually 2 previous versions!!!) with another director. After working on that version for over a year, I left Sony. Ironically, that's when Genddy came in to direct the version that was realized. I'm sure I would have been WAY more suited to that version, having worked with Genddy for many years....and it was a much more comedic approach than the first version I had worked on.

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JR said...

The amount of great art created for abandoned movie ideas would fill the Hermatage. These are awesome Chris.