*New ...Mazinger Z prints!!! and 2 new Ultra Kaiju prints...

Ok...no posts in a looooooooooooooong time...as usual.

But I'm posting now!! YAY!!

So I've been busy putting together some little art shows at my shop Q POP...hahah...over 60 friggin artists "little" art shows!!
What a pain in the butt...but so much fun.
The most recent one is a tribute show to one of the "gods" of japanese comics, GO NAGAI.

This project was a bit of a labor of love for me. He happens to be one of my favorite comics guys.
Not for everyone I admit, but it's important for people, even on this side of the globe, to understand how much influence he's had....on comics and animation....on film in Japan.....and ultimately...on animation and film here in the western world.

There would be no Giant Robots as we know them if he hadn't developed that genre... no transforming robots...and no Sailor Moon!!

Even his post apocalyptic saga " Violence Jack predates MAD MAX( one of the most influental sci fi films) by almost 6 years....and paved the way for Fist of the North Star.

There wouldn't even be any "hentai" anime if he hadn't introduced sex into japanese comics and animation...making him the supreme villain to the PTA. What would we do without tentacle rape in our lives?

Anyway, I decided to do an iconic character of his...Mazinger Z. The first ever human piloted robot.
I've been doing my Ultraman series of Kaiju prints...and decided to format this Mazinger Z print in a similar way. I liked the way it turned out and it makes me want to do all the villains and other characters from the show in the same way I'm trying to do all the Kaiju from Ultraman....

classic color

Vinyl Toy/comic version

Speaking of Kaiju.....I also have 2 new Ultraman Kaiju prints in the series... this time I did Jamilar...and Zetton.

All 4 prints are available in the Q Pop webstore:

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